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Junior Athlete Development

Pee-Wee, Bantam and starting Midget Athletes

Coaches: Courtney Elcock and TBA

These athletes are grouped according to the age the athlete is turning in that competing year. Pee-Wee’s are age 10 & 11 years olds, Bantam’s are age 12 & 13 years old and Midget athletes are age 14 & 15 years old. At the Junior Development stage we focus on developing the fundamentals of track and field. The younger athletes do not specialize in specific track events until the reach Midget. They instead compete in multiple events. This allows them to try all the different events and get a feel for where they can excel.

Senior Athlete Development

Midget, Youth, Junior and Senior (mature) Athletes

Coach: Walter David, John Rosary, and Courtney Elcock

This group of athletes is our older group consisting of Junior High, High School, University and College athletes. As it is with the younger groups, athletes are grouped to compete within their age. Midget (U16) athletes are 14 & 15 years old, Youth (U18) are 16 & 17 years old, Junior (U20) are 18 & 19 years old and Senior/Open athletes are 20 to 34.

At the Senior Athlete Development stage we continue to focus on the fundamentals and transition the athletes into the next level of competition. For some athletes this means developing training programs to get to the international level; For some it is developing training at a more recreational level; and of others it means a training program to just keep fit, have fun, making new friends and challenging themselves.

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